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The Aligned Coach

Feb 10, 2021

Imagine going to the gym, never learning the proper way to lift weights, and instead just going hard, pushing yourself to lift more and more each time.

You're going to get hurt, and then encounter a setback, where you lose all the gains you made.

This is what I did inside of my coaching business.

I wasted 6 years of my coaching career being sucked in by all of the "noise" on the internet every day.

I thought marketing strategies like "building my Facebook group" were the ticket to building my coaching business.

I skipped over fundamental steps and went straight for the shiny stuff.

The result: I've had to start over/turn the car around about a dozen times to finally get in alignment.

To finally set the business up on the proper foundation so that it gives me the gratification and lifestyle I've always craved.

I REALLY wish I had watched this video/episode years ago. Oh, the time it would have saved me.

Hope you enjoy (and act up on it).

P.S. - I got the title of this episode from a quote by Dave Ramsey from the back of the book "Building A Storybrand" by Donald Miller (fantastic read)

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You're passionate about your area of expertise.

You have a message you know the world needs to hear.

You've tried books, online courses, 1-on-1 coaching, webinars, and paid ads even...

Yet none of that has really worked to create a predictable stream of revenue for your coaching business.

You're also bogged down in fulfillment by working with too many 1-on-1 clients...

Sometimes your clients even drain your energy!

Is something wrong with you?

Actually, no. The problem is with your business. It's not built on the proper foundations, using the correct offer, or delivery model.

If you want to talk about some simple shifts to completely fix that (and create the coaching biz you dream about)....

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