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The Aligned Coach

Oct 24, 2019

When I first got started as an investor, I tried to do everything myself.

I remember sitting at my house, so confused, FULL of questions...

Just WISHING I had someone with experience who would help me get through this awkward beginner phase.

I used to constantly bug people with questions...texts, emails, voicemails, just praying someone would call me back and give me the answer I needed.

Fast forward a few years, and I finally stumbled on a much better mindset - a way to THINK ABOUT asking for help from others..

That felt natural to me, where I wasn't TAKING so much from others, and I didn't feel needy.

Then, I finally had the confidence to take action and I started seeing results.

It wasn't until AFTER I went through all of that, I realized that if I had understood the basic drive of all human beings..

I could have gotten what I needed in a much smoother, easier fashion.

In a couple weeks, I'm launching a brand new SMALL group coaching program...

Where I will be holding your hand...

Walking you through EVERY step of the process...

Looking at your deals...

Making sure you avoid any BIG mistakes...

And just telling you exactly what to do, step-by-step...

To start building a portfolio of cashflow rental properties.

So you can finally get off the hamster wheel for GOOD...

And start spending time doing what you really love.

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