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The Aligned Coach

Oct 16, 2017

You need to define your niche in whatever business you’re in. In real estate, there are several factors you have to look at before diving in. On this episode, Brian gives some tips on what to look for or avoid when defining your niche.


  • Why you need to define more criteria after picking a niche and why this is important. 
  • Why there are tons of deals even if you think there are not. +The real kind of shortage in real estate. 
  • How to bring sanity to all the deals out there.
  • Mistakes we made in the beginning.
  • Why you need to figure out what zip codes you want properties in.
  • Why you need to figure what year the properties you invest in were built.
  • Types of houses to eliminate on your list.
  • The size of property you should invest in.
  • X factors that can help you in choosing properties.


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