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The Aligned Coach

Feb 27, 2020

This is a special bonus training I'm giving out for free, from inside my flagship program, Freedom Accelerator.

In this training we go over the "core team" you'll need to have in place to scale a rental property portfolio.

This training will show you WHO to get on your team, and an upcoming training will show you HOW to find those people.

You'll get a good taste of my philosophy towards investing in this training - how I prefer to keep a "hands off" approach as much as possible, as well as delegate the things I don't enjoy (or don't produce a good return) to other people.

To gain access to all my training videos like this, as well as weekly calls with me (and DAILY slack Q&A), click the link in the notes/profile to book a free Discovery call with a member of our team!

Want to build passive income but confused about where to start?

Click the link below to book a FREE 45 minute strategy call with me.

On the call we'll layout your goals, what holds you back, and exactly what you need to do next.

Book your call now, slots fill up fast!

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