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The Aligned Coach

Aug 21, 2017

On this episode, Brian shares why it's so important to hire an acquisition manager even when starting out. He gives his personal experience on how he worked on all roles when starting out the businesses but eventually found it super draining. He also goes into how an acquisition manager will save you time while bringing in the crazy money.


+ One critical mistake real estate investors and wannabes make. + When the best time to hire an acquisition manager is.

+ Why you're going to be swamped if you don’t learn how to hire and leverage other people early on in your business.

+ Why you need to hire an acquisition manager now even if you're just starting out.

+ Roles an acquisition manager will relieve you off.

+ How to work smart and not hard.

+ Why you need to make offers on all free online sites.

Quote from this episode: "Trying to outwork your competition is a success trap and it only works to a certain point." - Brian Ellwood


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