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The Aligned Coach

Nov 16, 2017

Deciding on whether to invest on duplexes, triplexes, etc. is a big strategy decision that impacts cash flow for real estate investors. On this episode, you’ll get to know which type of property is best for you to invest in now.


  • Difference between single family and multi-family houses.
  • Why Brian is not a multi-family expert. 
  • Why the plexes are better from a cash flow perspective.
  • Why single family houses are better for appreciation.
  • Rate at which single family houses appreciate in a year.
  • Why multi-family houses are easier to manage.
  • Benefit of single family houses.
  • Why you need to buy houses from 5 units all up through the ladder and not vice-versa.
  • What to do if your goal is strictly cash flow.


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