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The Aligned Coach

Oct 26, 2017

Brian has a property in Nashville that he rents out through Airbnb, which brings in almost double the amount of a traditional rental property. On this episode, he talks about why it's the better option than renting out houses traditionally and the process of setting your house up for it.


  • What is Airbnb and VRBO?
  • The house that performs better than any rental that Brian has despite taxes and expenses on it.
  • A breakdown of the house.
  • Why Brian never sells real estate.
  • Why Airbnb was the perfect solution for his house.
  • The piece of furniture that brings in extra $20 a night.
  • How much it costs per night to Airbnb the house.
  • Why the Airbnb property manager charges 18% than the normal 10%.
  • First step you need to do if you want to Airbnb your house.
  • Why they allow only 3% of the total houses in a neighborhood to be STRP’s.
  • Amount of tax you need to pay off.
  • Why Airbnb is better than the normal rental.
  • Why the Nashville vote to end short term rental properties in 2019 might not happen.
  • How Airbnb can help lift off the mortgage burden.


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